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This page provides details of publications relating to the assistive technology and telecare policy and evidence base. It includes policy reports and telecare implementation guidance, and assistive technology in dementia care project reports.

Policy reports & implementation guidance

Assistive Technology: Independence and Wellbeing 4 - Audit Commission 2004
This report examines the place of assistive technology in its policy context; describes the current evidence to demonstrate how assistive technology supports independence; analyses obstacles to progress and explains how changes can be introduced.

Building Telecare in England - Department of Health 2005
This document provides local authorities and their partners with guidance on developing telecare services for their communities. It sets out the purpose of the Preventative Technology Grant and expectations for the use of the grant.

Dementia Friendly Technology Charter - Alzheimer's Society 2014
This charter gives people with dementia and their carers information on how to access technology. It also provides guidance to health, housing and social care professionals on how to make technology work for people based on their individual needs.

Dementia: Supporting people with dementia and their carers in health and social care - National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) 2006
This guideline aims to improve the health and social care of people with dementia. It is aimed at health and social care staff who work with people with dementia and their carers, and those who work with older people and people with learning disabilities. The guideline also includes recommendations relevant to commissioners, managers and coordinators of health and social care.

Implementing Telecare - Audit Commission 2004
This report discusses what is telecare and what it can do, the components of a telecare service, and designing a telecare service.

Living well with dementia: A National Dementia Strategy - Department of Health 2009
This strategy provides a strategic framework within which local services can deliver quality improvements to dementia services and address health inequalities relating to dementia; provide advice and guidance and support for health and social care commissioners and providers in the planning, development and monitoring of services; and provide a guide to the content of high-quality services for dementia.

National Service Framework for Older People - Department of Health 2001
The NSF for older people was published on 27 March 2001. It sets new national standards and service models of care across health and social services for all older people, whether they live at home, in residential care or are being looked after in hospital.

Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020 - Department of Health, Cabinet Office & Prime Minister's Office, 2015
This sets out what this government wants to see in place by 2020 in order for England to be the best country in the world for dementia care and support and for people with dementia, their carers and families to live, and the best place in the world to undertake research into dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. It also highlights the progress to date on improving dementia care, support and research.

Telecare and Older People. Wanless Social Care Review - Kings Fund 2006
This is one of a series of appendices to Securing Good Care for Older People. It provides further background information on issues addressed in the ‘Telecare and related technology’ section of chapter 9 (‘New influences on care’) including the evidence base for telecare and references to studies that have been published.

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Project reports & evidence reviews

Assistive Technology in Dementia Care: Developing the role of technology in the care and rehabilitation of people with dementia current trends and perspectives. Edited by John Woolham. Hawker Publications 2006.

Astrid: a social and technological response to meeting the needs of individuals with Dementia and their carers. A guide to using technology in dementia care Hawker Publications 2000.

Alaszewski, A. & Cappello, R. (2006). Piloting Telecare in Kent County Council: The key lessons. Final report 2006. Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent.

Beech, R. & Roberts, D. (2008). SCIE Research briefing 28: Assistive technology and older people.

Bjørneby, S., Topo, P. & Holthe, T. (1999). Technology, Ethics and Dementia: a guidebook on how to apply technology in dementia care. Norwegian Centre for Dementia Research. 1999.

Bowes, A. & McColgan, G. (2006). Smart technology and community care for older people:innovation in West Lothian, Scotland. Age Concern Scotland 2006.

Bowes, A. & McColgan, G. (2005). Smart technology at home: users’ and carers’ perspectives. Interim report. West Lothian Council and the University of Stirling. February 2005.

Bowes, A. & McColgan, G. (2002). Pilot evaluation of ‘Opening Doors for Older People’ in ‘wired’ West Lothian; report to West Lothian Council. West Lothian Council and the University of Stirling. May 2002.

Carswell, W. et al (2009). A review of the role of assistive technology for people with dementia in the hours of darkness. Technology and Healthcare. Vol 17 (4). 2009.

Cash, M. (2004). At Home with AT: An evaluation of the practical and ethical implications of assistive technology and devices to support people with dementia and their carers. December 2004.

Gilliard, J. & Hagen, I. (2004). Enabling Technologies for People with Dementia: Cross-national analysis report. August 2004. Read more about the Enable Project on their website.

McArthur, M. (2008). Automatic Medication Dispensers - a review of the evidence. University of Birmingham.

Murphy, J., Gray, C. M., & Cox S. (2007). Communication and Dementia: How Talking Mats can help people with dementia to express themselves. Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Woolham, J., Gibson, G., & Clarke, P. (2007). Local responses to the preventive technology grant: findings from a two stage survey of local stakeholders.

Woolham, J. (2005). Safe at Home: a second evaluation of a project that uses assistive technology to support the independence of people with dementia in their own homes. Hawker Publications 2005.

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