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New facility to help people living with dementia and assist them with independent living

Date: 15 November 2018 - 15 January 2019

A new facility at St Columcille's Hospital in Ireland lets patients try out new products to assist with independent living.One of 23 such rooms set to be rolled out nationwide by the end of the year, the free service enables people with memory...

Five-minute scan 'can predict cognitive decline'

Date: 15 November 2018 - 15 January 2019

A five-minute scan could be used to spot people at risk of dementia before symptoms appear, researchers claim.Scientists used ultrasound scanners to look at blood vessels in the necks of more than 3,000 people and monitored them over the next 15 y...

New website for Trent Dementia

Date: 23 October 2018 - 23 November 2018

Trent Dementia, the charity that runs this website, has recently relaunched its website, complete with new logo, at Dementia is a charity which aims to improve the quality of care, support and wellbeing of pe...

Computer avatars are now able to detect dementia

Date: 28 September 2018 - 28 November 2018

A group of researchers from Osaka University and Nara Institute of Science and Technology demonstrated that it was possible to detect dementia from human-agent interaction and conversation. In previous studies, diagnoses were made using neuropsych...

BBC Music website offers dementia lifeline

Date: 28 September 2018 - 28 November 2018

Music's ability to soothe the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's has been known for years.Now, a new BBC website, Music Memories, aims to help by connecting dementia patients with the songs they love.Eventually, it's hoped the site w...

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