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Meet Zora, the Robot Caregiver

12 December 2018

When Zora arrived at this nursing facility an hour outside Paris, a strange thing began happening: Many patients developed an emotional attachment, treating it like a baby, holding and cooing, giving it kisses on the head.Zora, a robot which can c...

How virtual reality is giving the elderly remarkable end-of-life adventures

12 December 2018

Care of the elderly may not be the first thing you think of when imagining virtual reality, but that’s exactly the mission of Scottish social enterprise and Big Issue Invest investee Viarama, which instead of using virtual reality to placate...

Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference

19 March 2019 - 20 March 2019

The Alzheimer’s Research UK Conference is heading to Harrogate in 2019. Join us on 19-20 March 2019 at the Harrogate Convention Centre to hear the latest findings in dementia research at the UK’s largest dementia research conference.Bo...

Alzheimer's Society Annual Conference 2019

21 May 2019 - 22 May 2019

Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference is a must attend event for anyone working in health and social care, local and national government, policy and research. More details here.

The Alzheimer's Show 2019

7 June 2019 - 8 June 2019

Who should come to The Alzheimer’s Show? Anyone living with or worried about Alzheimer’s or dementiaCarers, partners, family members, friends and care professionalsAnyone with a personal or professional interest in learning morePeople ...

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