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From pain relief to memory prompts: the apps helping people with dementia

3 December 2019

As councils struggle to meet soaring demand for adult social care, digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) look set to play a growing role. Although the sector has been seen as slow to pick up on the potential, more and more providers ...

Focused ultrasound may open door to Alzheimer's treatment

3 December 2019

Focused ultrasound is a safe and effective way to target and open areas of the blood-brain barrier, potentially allowing for new treatment approaches to Alzheimer's disease, according to initial study results presented at the annual meeting of...

Alzheimer's Society Annual Conference 2020

18 May 2020 - 19 May 2020

A jam packed two-day conference programmePeople with dementia and carers sharing their experiencesConference sessions, each focused on a different aspect of dementia care, research and policyParallel sessions covering the latest research updates a...

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