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How virtual reality is helping people with dementia

4 October 2019

An NHS pilot is seeing if virtual reality could improve the lives of people with dementia, by taking them back in time to relive formative experiences.The Marston Court care home in Oxford, run by The Orders of St John Care Trust, has been trialli...

Alexa's robotic voice leaving people living with dementia 'deeply distressed', social care report finds

4 October 2019

Amazon Alexa's robotic voice is causing "deep distress" for dementia patients by telling them to take their medicine, a new report has warned.The technology think tank, Doteveryone, said older social care patients were often left confused by n...

DementiaLab Conference 2019

21 October 2019 - 22 October 2019

Making Design Work: Engaging with Dementia in ContextThe Dementia Lab is a growing community, established in 2016, that builds forward on a legacy of work done for and with people living with dementia and their surrounding context. In the Dementia...

Alzheimer Europe Conference 2019

23 October 2019 - 25 October 2019

The conference is a great opportunity for dementia experts to meet, learn from one another and share knowledge and experiences. This year we will meet and share experiences under the motto ‘Making valuable connections’. Connectivity is...

Power of Music in Health and Social Care: 2019 Conference

4 November 2019

Following the success of its first Power of Music in Health and Social Care conference in October 2018, the University of Nottingham has announced its second conference, on Monday 4 November.The event is being held in partnership with Lakeside Art...

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