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Architects turn to VR to help people with dementia

8 March 2017

A new virtual reality (VR) system has been launched to help architects and designers make life easier for people with dementia.The invention, dubbed the Virtual Reality Empathy Platform (VR-EP), is the brainchild of David Burgher, director at Bord...

As dementia care comes under strain, the NHS turns to tech

8 March 2017

In January 2016, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust launched Technology Integrated Health Management (TIHM) for dementia, a research programme aimed at investigating the impact of modern technology in the homes of dementia patient...

Robot Revolution: why technology for older people must be designed with care and respect

6 February 2017

Many countries around the world have ageing populations and a growing prevalence of dementia. Japan, in particular, is a “super-ageing” society, with a population getting older faster than anywhere else in the world due to long life ex...

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