Facial recognition ePAT app helps you tell if people with dementia are in pain

Publication date: 14 August 2017

A point-of-care assessment app designed to help detect pain in people with dementia has gained approval for use as a medical device in Australia and Europe.

The Electronic Pain Assessment Tool (ePAT) is a mobile application tool, which has evolved from research undertaken by Curtin University over the past four years, that aims to assess and monitor pain in people who cannot communicate verbally.

The company developing the tool, ePAT Technologies, announced on Wednesday the app had met the regulatory requirements for use as a “Class 1 medical device” in the Australian and European markets.

The regulatory approval follows a peer-reviewed study confirming the validity and reliability of ePAT in people with moderate to severe dementia that was accepted for publication in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease (JAD) earlier this month.

Read more on the Australian Ageing Agenda website.

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