Japanese firm uses VR simulations to offer a glimpse into the world of dementia

Publication date: 29 November 2017

I recently wore a VR headset and goggles to watch a video at the Silver Wood head office in Tokyo. Though the clip lasted only about five minutes, it was an amazingly immersive experience. It shows you being on a train and being confused about where you are and where you need to get off. I could feel myself growing tense as the train passed a station and sped up. When I stepped out of the train, my fear and anxiety levels reached a climax, and tears welled up.

Silver Wood started making VR simulations about dementia last year, feeling they would be an effective tool to change the overwhelmingly negative image of the progressive illness, which is characterized by memory loss and declines in other cognitive functions.

Read more and watch a video on the Japan Times website.

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