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Prompts and reminders

These are devices that can help act as prompts and reminders by providing visual and audible cues. They include clock calendars, medication reminders and memo minders.


These are devices that can help to support and enable leisure activities. They include easy to use music players and computer aids.


These are devices that can help to support communication. They include easy to use telephones and mobile phones, intercoms and conversation aids.


These are devices that can help improve safety in the home. They include gas, smoke, extreme temperature, flood, fall and 'wandering' detectors, lighting and activity monitors.

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** Further information about the different types of Assistive Technology

Stand alone
Stand alone devices can be used directly by the person or their carer and are not linked to a community alarm or monitoring centre
Telecare devices automatically send a signal to a carer, community alarm or monitoring service to call for assistance when it is needed

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